Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Transactions (FX)

Yesterday my Long on EUR/USD triggered stop loss -30 pips.
Long on GBP/USD (1.6133) were safe, and later in the evening move in favour.  I added another short (1.6186) when GBP/USD breakout the previous resistance.

It is a hardtime at night (10pm - 1am) GBP/USD formed a strong reversal candle, and facing three hours of pullback.  I decided to let the position open and running, and go to bed.

Statement always come during middle of the night, GBP/USD was trading at 1.6169 lowest before it decided to continue go up.  It was only 6 pips away from my stop loss...

This morning, the screen is showing better figure, GBP/USD last trading at 1.6230, and I moved all my stop loss to the breakout level 1.6190.

Long 1: GBP/USD 1.6133, SL 1.6190 (+57 pips), TG 1.6283 (+150 pips)
Long 2: GBP/USD 1.6186, SL 1.6190 (+4 pips), TG 1.6276 (+90 pips)

My Gold position to Short and Long is still opened: Long @ 1520, Short @ 1550.

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