Monday, November 25, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 25-Nov-2013

One month has passed and 1 month to Christmas!
I have picked 20 over songs for next year syllabus, collecting photos for my album cover, planning study materials and collecting events, festivals information.

Year 2014 is going to be another fun-filled year, mum always tell me:
you will know it when you need to.

Same thing goes for cooking, teaching or coaching.
Unlike installing software by plugging USB to my body, download / install new knowledge;
Experience were collected with every failure... - only if I take the opportunities, trust my instinct, work hard, and pray.

Dow posted New High above 16k
Dow has posted strong gain - above 16000 levels - another strong month for November (another 5 days to close).

The Federal Reserve maintain low interest rates to ensure smooth recovery.

Latest FOMC minutes bring tapering back to the focus but market still going higher and we believe, market will continue trading higher despite the quiet holiday month in December 2013.

Higher high, higher low, and coming week:
R2: 16450 pts
R1: 16130 pts
S1: 15980 pts
S2: 15880 pts

From technical chart, we forecast Dow to trade sideways bias down towards support 15980 pts - 16000 pts before going higher towards 16130-150 pts.
any dip below 15980 pts would present good opportunity to long, abadon long once market breached strong support level 15880 - 15900 pts.

Long 15950 pts,
SL 15900 pts
TG 16130 pts / EOD
TG2 for extreme condition 16450 pts

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  1. Haha, that would be nice, being able to install new knowledge and skills vis direct brain interface such as in the MATRIX. =) Unfortunately we humans learn best by trial and error.

    Is that you m'lady dancing? Very nice indeed!