Monday, October 21, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 21-Oct-2013

Soulfire has officially 'migrated' to wordpress.
Visit his new blog address:

I like it very much when soulfire pointed out my misconception:
So when the debt ceiling needs to be raised, it’s associated with prior approved spending that requires the ceiling to be raised. The key to remember here is the ceiling isn’t raised to allow the government to approve new spending, but to pay the bills of the spending that was ALREADY APPROVED. This is where many people get confused, they think raising the ceiling encourages more spending, but what it actually does is just pay for past spending obligations, not new ones.
I suggest you to read his post on Government Shut Down and Debt Ceiling Limit 101

Well I didn't post last two weeks during government shut down.
I didn't even trade.
I looked at market, lost a few hundred points, and go back alive by winning more than 200+ points in 1 day.

Back in those days, I might be immersed with trading, full of excitement, either make some money, or lost some, or being flat.
I am not sure whether I could make money trading during those extreme moments, or I could lost money, lost confidence, or lost discipline.

When market is finally back to 'normal' normal, I continue with my normal posting, blogging and having fun.
Perhaps I am not as aggressive as before, or more accurately, my dancing career has prospered and it has cast my energy away from trading.


Techincally DJIA shall continue to rise above 15550 pts but capped below 15420 pts during early of the week.

Support 15180 pts should be a good level to look for long opportunity.

If support fails, next support is 15050 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Way to go Nasdaq 100
Stay out.


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Ayumi. =)

    Happy to hear your dancing is going well...awaiting your posted video debut. =)