Friday, September 6, 2013

Follow Up 6-Sep-2013

I posted an update with my iPhone using Blogspot mobile app but unfortunately it was not being published.

I then discovered blogspot mobile app has an update.  The last time I have missing post was during mobile app update too.

= =

Having been away for 2 weeks without much update, I can see that my forecast didn't go too far from my usual performance.

Forecast Gold to fall during Monday is good, entered Long at 1375, Stop Loss at 1/3 ATR (lowest $1373.74), took profit at 1410 is a safe trade.

Enter Short at $1410 is a bumpy ride, as market reaches to 1416.30 highest (almost hit stop loss price $1417.00) and return to the weekly opening price $1382.20.

Took profit and market continue diving down.
Gold is trading at $1372 region.

Refer to my weekly forecast, if market break below $1375, next strong support should be $1340.

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