Monday, September 23, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 23 Sep 2013

Last Thursday during FOMC statement (Thursday 2am, GMT+8, SG/MY time), The fed surprises market with a decision not to taper, and to continue the monthly USD85billion bond purchase program.

Market is very volatile and we once again witnessed Mr Ben Bernanke's magic wand to entice the market and shock the market.


This is not only my forecast, this chart (above) outlined my hope.
First of all, I expect market to continue trading down to support 15400 - 15450 pts and reverse upward.
might face a little resistance near 15550 pts, there're two possibilities:

Market resisted below 15550 pts and continue trading sideways between 15400 - 15600 pts.

Market breakout to either side, continue trading higher to 15800
or break down to 15200 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Super bull in NQ never dies.
Never tired.  Never need any rest.

Just go higher Nasdaq 100, target 3260 pts.


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