Sunday, March 13, 2011

Living Now, or living in the Past?

It takes a lot of patience, courage, determination, and I will call all as Hardwork, to make something happen, for the betterment of future.

We had a wonderful gathering yesterday, after 11 months, together, 4 of us observe growth in each other, together, we realised, what we have planted in the PAST, is giving us a fruitful NOW, and the tree of prosperity and growth, is going to grow bigger, and taller in the next 11 months, and many months to go.

Most importantly, when mentor JC was giving is closing speech for the day, many messages he wants to deliver, I get 1 striking message from him:

Are you living in the Past? Living to correct your mistakes from the Past? or Are you Living in the Future?

During the meditation this morning, and yes, continuous practise, I progress from 5 mins meditation to 14 minutes meditation now, eventually I will make it to 30 minutes, or even 1 hour by the end of 2011.

Back to the realisation... there are many many people who walked in my life, take that example from a typical work place, people complain, 1 month ago, she was complaining the workload and many people will 'throw' the job to her, and 1 month later, she is still struggle at the same topic.

Are we doing the same?
Are we going to repeat the same complain, over and over again?
Are we going to give the same 'punishment' to ourself through this repetition from the past?

Are we going to say, yes, I found a new system, I am going to test it, and make it work.
And after 3 months of testing, we say, yes, this is the system that I am going to trade, this is my trading, and I am gonna stick to it.
Then after 6 months, or 9 months, we complain that the system doesn't work in current market pattern, and start to look for new system?

Are we going to start the search, backtest, make it work, make it fail, and start all over again?

I know that there are many crap system.
I know that there are many wonderful system too!
Simple Support Resistance, and Fibonacci Numbers, can provide good trading guides and can give wonderful returns.
Are you going to make it work, for you?

For the betterment of mankind, for a better tomorrow, for a change of life, for a total control of our time, choices, remind yourself that you are going to make your dream come true.

I remind myself, I will achieve all wealth and success in my life, and I am going to make myself a Successful and Profitable Trader, I aim to spend quality time with my family, I will improve my setup consistency, and profit Unlimitedly from the market, and I hope all can benefit from my success.

The same story can have a good ending, that this girl from the workplace, finally break free from the job, be her own boss, and get her own business, at her own time, and create values to the marketplace.  While she found so many flaws in the previous organisation, she will never repeat the same unto her own company, and she will make a better business, and create many solutions to the marketplace, and finally she become successful and take control of her own life.

Do your part, and make the path for change.
Live, and plan for the future, believe me, that you can be in charge, and you, can make it happen.

Mentor said, the most important ingredient, in your trading, is you.
Take complete responsibility of our own action, if we cannot do it now, at least we try to be our best, do not give up, and do not let others be the one to blame, we play no victim.

Nobody is in upper hand of our life, unless we want him to.  Nobody is going to determine your success, nobody is going to tell you that you are a total failure, unless you want him to.  Start telling yourself, that you are going to be your best.  I am going to be my best, I will achieve all wealth, I will achieve all success, Yes?  or Yes!

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