Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stay out

If there's no pattern that is familiar, no reversal sign or strong support level that you recognise, it is ok to stay out.

A lot of people may just fall into the trap, that thinks that "there must be a way to explain this", "there must be a way to trade in this market".

I used to have these thoughts, I wanted to trade, every single day.

Sometimes I may just have the urge to trade, after many ups and downs... I come to understand that the trade might just go bad, or worse, when I make money, I may just thought I am right.

Successful trading is not about being right or wrong, nor to trade everyday to make a lot of money or lose some.. Trade only when we see the opportunity, make the money, and bring the money home when we have the Edge!

Thanks to mentor JC, again, from a short conversation, he brought up the idea of "trade addict", and explains why there are many losing trades, or mistakes by experienced, or novice traders.

Hope all have good harvest this March 2011.


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