Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Catch Up

Time slipped.

It has been almost 6 months I have not check in here.

And I missed many friends such as Soulfire, I missed AiShiang, I missed AlexSiew

Over these 6 months, I have
March – Elena Ramazanova (from Russia) Hafla + Workshop
April – Turbo Tabla (from Korea, US / Egpyt) Hafla + Workshop
May – BDA (from Russia, Italy / Egypt) Competition + Teachers Training + Workshop
June – Sa’diyya (from USA) Hafla + Workshop
June – Dance Dance Dance 1.0 Intensive Training + Showcase
July – Dance Dance Dance 1.0 Intensive Training + Showcase

And I still missed Anusch (from Gulf) Workshop…
Coming up there will only be more workshops, training, competition, and more improvements.
My abs start to formed its shape and my arms are toned, just that they are not so feminine as I like them to be.
My body weight went from 52kg to 48kg while I build more muscles.
I hope my energy level, my metabolic rate, as well as my mind can cope with the future physical commitment.

I will do my level best to check out on Non-Farm Payroll for August, a lot of catch up to do...

I will make time for them this coming Muslim’s New Year.

Till then, wish me good luck this Sunday showcase.


  1. 6months already, I think it can prove that I am wrong, because DJIA and Nasdaq 100 keep breaking new high.

    Welcome back. Hope can continue share with you about market comments.

    1. thanks Yong for leaving a comment.
      Its okay no matter what, we just need friends who share same interest.

  2. I expect there will be a video of your dancing expertise in the future. :)Welcome back, and good luck!

    1. Thanks Soulfire
      Hopefully I could have my next video delivered, and I can share with you. haha