Sunday, September 2, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Wooooo!!! September month has finally arrived! My schedule is getting fuller and fuller, every weekends is occupied!! =)

Apart from trading, I am designing the year 2 and year 3 'syllabus' for my dance classes, and planning to renovate a vacant room to convert it to a mini dance floor. A full mirror really can't satisfy me.. i want to see more of myself :) and seeing how I look like when I am turning around... ops, back to topic.

I hope everyone is excited as I am - plan, and work hard!

DJIA forecast for the week starting 3 Sep 2012

Though Bernanke, speaking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, dashed some hopes for a signal of quick action, his comments bolstered bets that the central bank was closer to providing more stimulus for an economy that is close to stalling.

stocks has been flat much of last week except Friday.  For the month, Dow has rose 0.6%. Volume was light but above the low levels of earlier in week. The four other days this week were among the five lowest for volume all year.

Technical Analysis

Dow is currently resisted under 13150, current resistance 13100.
After the speaking in Jackson Hole market has shoot up to 13155 and brought the stochastic is high (overbought), reckon market to suffer sideways movement testing the resistance 13100 - 13150 pts in a symmetrical triangle pattern.

suggest to stay out and observe for opportunity towards breakout.

breaking up the resistance level shall lead Dow towards 13200 pts then 13350 pts.
breaking below support shall bring Dow down to 12950 pts then 12780 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Bullish on Nasdaq 100 -- it has posted the best performing month since February 2012.
all time high, what's more, breaking higher above 2800 pts will only bring Nasdaq 100 higher towards the ceiling of any chart :)

If there's a technical correction Nasdaq 100 shall fall to main support 2720 pts before the rally continues (although I don't think Nasdaq 100 would settle so low).


  1. I don't know how you manage to juggle all your activities- you must have a big energy reserve. =) So when are we gonna see a dance video? :)

  2. soulfire, thanks for visiting (again)!!! :D
    I am keeping myself awake now with Tiger Lager beer - so after the energy is drained and alcohol starting to take effect - I m going to sleep!