Friday, September 14, 2012

Nano Mist and Yummy Chinese Food

I am not going to talk much about market.
QE3 is announced.

Gold price rallied $100 in a week, stocks new high...


I visit Car's International yesterday intend to do car wash.
And here is a successful upsell.

I am considering of the windscreen treatment.
He upsell me front windscreen with rear windscreen treatment.

worth RM235 (Ringgit Malaysia) equivalent to $95 SGD or $77 USD.
From Car wash which is is only RM10 / $4 SGD / $3.3 USD
Or a Front windscreen GP Coat Treatment which costs RM135 / $54 SGD / $44 USD.

I ended up doing GP Coat treatment (Front & Rear windscreen) + Polish + Wax + Nano Mist for my white color princess.

When I collect my car, she is true beaty with dashboard shine, tyre shine, I am satisfied.
Smells good too!

While I am driving home, I am hoping for rain, to test the windscreen treatment.  And it rains at night before I hit the dance floor.  The rain stopped when I finish dancing, teaching, I splash some plain water and wipe it dry.

It was a good day, and I am happy because everything go as planned except the sucessful upsell hahaha


At night I had a bad dream, someone came into my car, and taking some strong smell chinese food, the smell from the food is good, but it is not good if it stays in the car, and stinks!

And in my dream, I still trying to hold my temper while telling this nice guy: "take laaa, take the food in the car, its alright....." but my heart is torn into pieces because my princess is so clean!!!!

I am so fake!

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  1. Haha- you must really like your car! =) Do you have a picture of it?