Monday, March 19, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

I am hungry and I have been eating nonstop since 11pm… it is 2am now.

I am still data crunching, and I am still watching the monitors, hitting the keyboards.

Why forex? Why DJIA?
Why would I have such wide interest?

Dancing, Listening (ya, I turn on music very loud in the car), and I like to blow my room with loud music 

I fall in love with Audi this weekend, I parked beside a black car, went to the bank to deposit my cheque, came out and saw this amazing automobile… it is Audi A4 - do you know how does an Audi A4 look like?

And in the afternoon when I am walking up to the fitness center, I saw Audi R8 passing by… out of so many cars at this posh area, I spotted it, and I start to feel interested on what a German car, what an European car can offer, yes, I am curious.

After gym, after sauna, after shower, I go home and researched…

This is what I got…!!!

Story aside... Back to track, what do we expect next week?

DJIA and NASDAQ 100 Update for Mon 19 Mar 2012

DJIA has the biggest weekly gain since 2012, weekly candle has again pierced high and made new high of 13,288 pts last Friday.

Friday market is basically led by economic data releases.

From the technical chart, DJIA has come back to the upward channel, and we may foresee the market to go up higher towards 13,350 pts.
Current support 13150-170.
Target to enter long when the indices come down 30 pts from opening.


Similar to Dow, we observed market surged to higher and higher high everyweek.
Next week expect market to rise up, next TG 2742-45.

Current support 2712.
Strong support 2700.

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