Friday, January 14, 2011

Van Tharp interview

Howdy! It has been another great trading week, we adhere to our plans, we take profit, we take losses as well :)

Today, I would like share what i read from Van Tharp's newsletter... read the last paragraph with highlights!

What was the intent of your 131R goal?
To pull me out of my comfort zone.
Was that a success?
It was! I made a number of changes from the year prior and gained some very good trading experience doing things I would not have done otherwise (e.g., trading one minute bars and some new systems). And I got out of my comfort zone for gains with a +35R month.
Does not making 131R by the end of 2010 mean you won't make 131R, now, next year, or ever?
Not a bit.
If you didn't get to 131R this year, could there have been something more important that you were supposed to achieve and did?
Getting my family settled in a home, and gaining a much better understanding of myself and how I want to trade now.
Are those are more valuable than 131R?
If you think you are not attached to a goal and then you don't get it but find yourself upset, were you really not attached to it?

How do you reconcile desire/commitment with non-attachment?

I didn't have an answer for this one initially. After some reading and thinking, however, here is what I would say.

Desire and commitment help motivate me to fulfill my purpose. It's possible to use them to move away from my purpose but not useful—regardless of the goal. Goals aligned with my purpose merit my energy and commitment.

Non-attachment is the ability to let go, and it means I have trust in a Divine plan and a bigger picture. With non-attachment to a goal, winning means I may or may not achieve the goal.

Achievement is not my job; my job is to do my very best with the tasks at hand and not worry about meeting the objective. There is a dance here among desire, commitment, and non-attachment that I am still learning.

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