Friday, January 21, 2011

Gold on Friday 21-Jan-2011

My part on Gold is done.  Did you shorted the Gold like the level I mentioned on Monday? Related Post: Gold on 15-Jan-2011, this is what we at Ayumi the novice trader said:
I would possibly place my short at 1373-1377, SL 1385.
Target exit 1350, 1330, 1315. revised: 1358, 1344, 1330

Which level have you shorted? and which level have you taken profit?
  • Shorted at 1377 SL 1385, TG 1358 Hit!
    +19 points
  • Shorted at 1377 SL 1385, TG 1344 Hit!
    +33 points!
ultimately the last target is 1330, Hold your short, and remove the SL to 1358 (trailing stop) and place the TG at 1330, hopefully we may get the realised profit of +47 points, tonight :)  If not, close the position now at 1346 and enjoy the CNY shopping :)

Related Post: Gold on 15-Jan-2011

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