Sunday, May 10, 2015

DJIA on 11-May-2015

6 Months not blogging...
This is quite long.

I have traded on Gold and DJIA but didn't post my trade up here.

Finally I have time off, chosen to rest from my dance schedule.
Partly because of some aching and pain in the heels since April 2015.
Doctor said I have Plantar Fasciitism, prescribed some pain killers, advised me to wear supportive shoes, warm up my ankle in the morning, etc.

I was told by Google (haha, Google don't talk - but I think you get what I mean)
unless I get ultrasound - I may have 10% chance of the wrong diagnostic.

So, rest.

I spent the whole of last weekend completing my dance syllabus for 2015.  Did many song editing.

This week, I have reactivated most of my trading app, some MT4 platform that failed to update, and now all are active.

Second reason, is I have free cash to trade again.


Thanks to Alex who texted me over May's NFP, and reminded me that I am not alone trading.


for the week starting 11-May-2015


Since I have not been actively trading...
I removed all my previous waves labeling...

Monthly Chart
Re-look at the Monthly Chart - it is going up, up and up since 2009.

Weekly Chart
The Weekly Chart (below) - DJIA has not been making higher high for 2 months, take the high on 1st March 2015 as its Resistance = 18,280 pts.

Daily Chart
Last Friday, NFP boosted the DJIA, nice white candle up.

I see: higher low, and a recent high (18211 vs 18208 on 23-Mar-2015).
If market cannot break above the resistance 18,280 pts, I doubt the bullish sentiment.

Trying to find a way to trade, I forcefully label the wave structure as below...
p/s: "forcefully" means I may not be correct.

Label with Baby blue XAB (2 Months)
if Market were to break above resistance 18,280 pts,
1:1 wave target price will be 18,820 pts (540 pts to gain).

Innerwave Dark Green (1 Month)
BKO happened, 1L WTP @ 18300 pts, 2L WTP @ 18,925 pts.

Let's say the inner wave (Green) is bringing DJIA up to break above major resistance 18,280 pts, it is likely to reach 18,300 pts (easy) then 18,925 pts.

The above target will be my target exit if I am right.

My target entry, ideally could be the 50% fibo retracement level @ 17,950 pts (EMA50 in 4H)
SL @ 70 pts
TG @ 210 pts



  1. Glad you are back. Good luck trying again :)

  2. Good to see new posts! Welcome back from hiatus. =) Hope you heal swiftly.

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