Sunday, July 7, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for week starting 8-July-2013

Past week is a busy week.
I went north of Malaysia on Sunday (1/7) spent two nights in Penang, then back to KL for 3 days continuous training with a lot of homework (just didn't expect my training to be this intense) and at last on Friday went to Sri Kembangan for a product demo.

This week and the following week will continue to work in two time zones, literally staying awake for whole day.
Software consulting work from 9am - 6pm, dance from 8pm-10pm, traning from 11pm-4am (next day).

I think I can rest from 4am to 7am? Can hardly imagine that.
I think I love my job.

Let's review my past week forecast.
DJIA 4 Hour Chart

Last week, early of the week the forecast went well.
Remember on Thursday, I posted that I intend to enter short when market test 15100 pts again, but if reversal didn't happen, hold it.
So I didn't enter short, I didn't even watch market that hour.
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A friend from Singapore PaulC left a comment in my FB, remind me to be alert that DJIA might go to 16000 pts before melting.
Well I think I should take precaution of that too.

Let's see what I see from chart and from my Support Resistance + Fibonacci + PowerWave perspective.

Monthly Chart
July candle is bullish, hopefully it stays below 15200-300 pts and close the monthly candle below 14900 pts, it looks healthy this way for bear to breed.

Otherwise my point B will be taken out, I expect market to move higher towards 15500 pts.

Weekly Chart
If I look at the chart from bottom up, recent low at 14540 has fulfilled 1/3 retracement - which means DJIA is set to go higher, towards 16650 pts.

like this:

Daily Chart
Last Friday is an interesting trading day.
it was US Independence day holiday, many observe this holiday and off but market resumed trading towards end of the market day.

It has been falling and I thought: "yeah, its coming!"

But from 30 mins chart, market had a nice fall towards 15000 level, hit EMA200 (30M), rebounded sharply and closed with a positive candle.

Federal Reserves still have strong impact in the US market, positive economic data has been a strong factor to market confidence.

8-July, Monday, I expect market to trade higher towards 15300 pts.
Support 15020 pts.
Resistance 15200 pts.

Am still looking for opportunity to short.

Trade Plan
Intend to:
Short 15220 pts
SL 15280
TG 15040

Long 14960
SL 14900
TG 15140

Nasdaq 100

Not as bullish as Dow.

No Trade.

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