Monday, November 26, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Good day traders, apologies!  I had 2 days intensive workshop with an Argentinian dancer and was busy busy for the weekend!

My home internet is down, so I am taking my rest hour to post a quick update.

DJIA and Nasdaq 100 for week starting 26 Nov 2012

Technical Analysis


Weekly candle: bullish
Daily Candle: bullish
Intraday: bullish

Last Thursday market formed a bullish candlestick pattern making a breakout to the upside.
Reckon market to continue bullish sentiment today to hit 13050 pts.

Aggressive Long entry with intial shadow, 34 pts from opening price (12964 pts), equivalent to 12930 pts, SL 30 pts away, TG 90 pts away or if you are patient, 13050 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Weekly candle: bullish
Daily candle: bullish
Intraday: bullish

Thanks giving, turkey… ^_^ presents and celebration.

Market almost reached our target 2640 last week, pointing to high of 2639 pts.

Market is currently trading below EMA200, which is also a long term resistance line.  Unlike DJIA, Nasdaq 100 recovery is fast, and it has made a come back of more than 2/3 fibonacci retracement - I prefer to stay out.


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