Friday, August 10, 2012

EUR/USD on Fri 10 Aug 2012

its late.. and the chart is getting exciting.


it came down, touches first target.
and currently rebounded (sharply).

at the first sight, you may not want to miss this UP UP
may want to enter long immediately?

I took another sip of my Caramel Macchiato...
think back of my big picture..
yeah, I m not that bullish, and since I m having the bearish view, I m gotta stick to the plan, short at resistance.
so, looking at the current slide from 1.2450 to 1.2250, when market move up to 1.2350, I wish to short.

no, I WANT TO Short.

and this time the downward target remain at 1.2200 or 1.9950.
I hv a few pit stops here to take profit which is the support level which shall attract some pull back...

fingers crossed.

Chart attached.

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