Sunday, May 13, 2012


Another blessed Sunday :)
I am sitting right in front of my laptop since 12.. and I have done some reading, read the headlines of the week on global market, read a few article that grab my interest, then I got distracted a bit, I went to the store room to find what is available for my June holiday.

I check my cabin bag, my backpack, thinking of what should I bring when I visit to Taipei, Taiwan?

Since I am gonna stay in a 4 beds female dorm, on the 4th floor without lift (yeah it needs a bit of walking and/or climbing).. I think I should have bring some light luggage instead.

Take a look at the picture... My backpack is parked side by side to the approved cabin bag size... Since the backpack size look similar to a cabin bag, I think it should not be a problem if I bring them up to the aircraft...

Why would I need two bag instead of 1?  11 days of stay in Taipei, the shopping is going to add up to my return luggage ^__^ after food, and night markets.

the backpack looks cool isn't it.. monotone, with lots and lots of compartments.
and found this little angel someone brought for me from Taiwan two - three years back.  It is hiding in one of the side pocket ^__^


End of my side stories... Coming up, market forecast :)


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