Monday, February 6, 2012


Beginning of a new day, I took some time to browse thru my favorite website – The Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston. Today’s article is good… let’s share a few lines.

You can read the complete version here:

The vision inside
Achievement flows from the inside out. To experience an exceptional life on the outside, you must nurture exceptionally positive values on the inside.
You cannot be angry, resentful, envious or cynical on the inside and expect to achieve anything of value. No matter where you might attempt to direct it, your negativity hurts you more than anyone else.

The great thing is, you can experience an outstanding life if you will constantly and persistently envision an outstanding life. That positive vision will itself drive your actions to ensure its own fulfillment.


Being a trader, we need to make decisions, long or short, now or later, and often when market is volatile and moving, we need to decide on the dot.

We are not able to guarantee the result or outcome of our trading decision, like what Dr Van Tharp says, we don’t trade the market, we trade our beliefs.

Take full responsibilities of our own action, take the losses when it has reached our stop loss, be it a mental stop loss or pre-set value; when it has reached our profit, adjust it to higher profit target, or just take the profit, and be happy of the money made today.

It will be another day.

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  1. Being positive is the ideal way to go, but it can be difficult at times when dealing with the negative people/influences of the world on a day to day basis.

    At best, we need to take any negative energy we received and transform it into positive thoughts and actions - motivation to move forward and to better things.