Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Horoscope and My additional Resolutions

I am reading the Cleo magazine for Jan-11, Love the Yearly Resolution part, and the Horoscope report!!
especially when it says... ♥ it is a great y ear, dear Aquarius! 2011 is all about unexpected surprises, dreams coming through and goals being realised. ♥

And the resolution 2011, I love the idea of the following and I'm going to do this:
1. Pay your bills promptly (Marked on my Diary, yey!)
2. Set aside a holy hour just for yourself (Reminding myself)
3. Eat raw veggies (Reminding myself again, my fav Caesar Salad with Croutons)
4. Stay away from the computer for 24 hours (Great idea! once a month)
5. Turn the phone off for a day (once a month)
6. Meditate. Five minutes or 30 minutes (3.5 times in a week)

Get your own copy of Cleo Magazine~ :)

Do it one step at a day, do 1 major task in a week, focus, and prioritize.

1 comment:

  1. they copied geshe michael roach's diamond cutter isit?? hahahahaha

    happy resolutions 2011 ayumi sifuuu... :):):)