Saturday, January 22, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

DJIA on Monday 24-Jan-2011

DJIA Uptrend, as our team mentioned in APSRI forum, we watch an important resistance level at 12050 region.
Traders who follow Ayumi the Novice Trader and long at 11600 2 weeks ago, did you add another long 11760 this week? :)
Well done and you can place your sell limit (target exit) at 12033-12050. and move trailing stop to 11700 now.

We reckon DJIA to show support at 11795, 11730. Those already have your long at 11600 and 760, I do not recommend to add positions, while aggressive traders can long when DJIA come to 11760-730, SL 11680.
DJIA shall not fall below 11700 for the uptrend to continue. I'm Looking forward to 12033 to close the trade this week.
If DJIA continue to receive good news, and convincingly break above key resistance 12050 this week, I would say hard to believe, but, it is very likely to shoot to the moon at 12300 in next 2 months.

Do not let greed overtake you, set the target exit, and adhere to your plans / rules.  When we forecast 12300, doesn't mean that don't take profit at 12033, instead, be extra careful at the key resistance as we also observe for reversal to short.  Market always fall faster, and it can sweep your profit in lighting speed!  Control your stop loss, and do not only look at upside, take care of the downside, protect your capital.

Nasdaq 100 on Monday 24-Jan-2011

Still Bullish, our team suggest to pick long near current level 2265-260, support at 2250, alternatively, you can place SL 20 points away, TG remain the same: 2320-2350.  Ultimate TG 2380-2400!

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  1. Hi Ayumi,
    What's up? Like ur new blog design :)
    Did u know bout MTPredictor software? I think u're using Elliot Wave style too.

    It cost $2000+, tapi aku dapat percuma :)
    If u want bisa bagilah, in return I just want ur opinion bout the software, comparing with ur analysis. Really confused with Elliot Wave. How bout it?

  2. Hi D'Trader

    Thanks for the offer, and you are right, I am trading wave pattern, by the name of Power Wave.

    At this time I want to learn how to formulate EA in MT4 platform, but the MTPredictor is something new.

    I have seen eSignal on TradeStation which provide powerful signals and are have high accuracy and high winning rates, big win I mean.

    But eSignal is expensive too..

    Sungguh lucky D'Trader dapat percuma~ :)
    How's it so far?

    My trading is combination of wave, support resistance, and fibonacci (as in my profile), I am not sure how the MTPredictor look like, never try any of the signals before... I can try to combine it with my analysis and let u know the result, i think it may take some time for the Predator and Forecast to tell its effectiveness, may need to test for 6 months at least?

  3. Hi Ayumi, the first simple thing bout MTPRedictor was:
    It actually concerned on BEginning of Wave3 or Wave5. From 1 to 2, there're ABC pattern inside. That's when u can trade it.

    6 months is pretty long, but I can wait. send email to and I'll give the link to u. :)