Saturday, May 11, 2013

Resume... Ayumi update

I was quite bothered with Malaysia General Election.
Was following the news on TV, postings on social media.
And .. failed to allocate time for trading and forecast.

After a week of ''rehab'', I will resume with my regular postings.

Last week was a fun filled week.

Debt Free

I managed to cancel my 3rd credit card, Citibank Cash Back Platinum (Visa), RHB Platinum (Master), Standard Chartered Gold (Visa).
And called HSBC to cancel my card application.

Leaving me with UOB One Card (Visa) + UOB Lady's Card (Master) and Citibank Clear Card (Master)
Lady's Card is cool (Read more).

I enjoy the lowest credit limit from both banks.


Career Expansion


The new team, is smaller.
As I blog earlier... [Related Post]
I doubted whether the new team would be as open as what and how I used to enjoy.

Effective Team
Assertive Super Sales Girl (wow, she is really classic, she is assertive, but she is not offensive, I like her!)
I get more chance to configure the system for product demo, I get more exposures to solutions, and the senior consultant, he is helpful (I couldn't say I like him, but, he gave me a totally opposite personality now)

I heard that he was aggressive, crafty.
After joining the team, I can understand his pain better, and there's no way a normal person could handle situation as such, without showing much anger or resentment.  He gained my respect as a senior application consultant, the pioneer of NetSuite in KL (as far as I know of).


Finally we met!

I started learning dance from this academy, and you know, when I am given a choice to return to this academy, to teach, I feel glad.

After months and months of postpone, schedule and reschedule, we met!
The principal shared much of her experience and expectation with me.

I admire her, she kept her carefree personality, take tough things easily, responsible, even though she has to face many sakai (crazy kids), adults, and instructors..

We are starting up 3 new classes for kids bellydance.
Not one, hello.  She planned 3 classes.

"Keeping my Saturday free", this rule has been compromised.
I value this relationship, I value the opportunity, and more importantly, I want to learn to communicate with kids.


Life has been good, it is a good year.  It is going to be a good year, as long as I keep my commitment.
Be Strong, Be consistent. 7 months to go.  I know I can do it.

I passed my debt crisis, now I regained my freedom, I understands, I was silly.
From this period of life, I learned an important lesson,
people who are suffering, may not feel suffer.
the process to fight for freedom may not be as tough as it seems.
Be considerate.  Take it easy.  If you want to solve a problem, be patient, do it with your heart.

Believe in God.

I read something great today:
Don't underestimate people in pain,
some may be good hiding them.

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